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Teak Bed Classic Canopy Type

Ditambahkan pada: 17 November 2014 / Kategori:
Kode : TTK 10
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Deskripsi Teak Bed Classic Canopy Type

Teak Bed Classic Canopy Type for Bedroom

Teak Bed Classic Canopy Type for Bedroom

Teak Beds Classic Canopy Type for Bedrooms – We accept orders for Minimalist Luxury Furniture made of Teak wood and Mahogany. The quality that we produce has gone through the Exsport standard, with the best wood dryness and raw materials. We have lots of raw materials that you can order first, because the motifs and types that we have are not in the furniture market.

Luxury Bed Specifications :

• Mahogany Materials – Drying Standards
• Natural Tea Paint Color
• Anti-scratch
• LJ foam standard velvet fabric
• Bed Size P 200 cm x L 160 cm x T 150 cm
• Size of Nakas P 50 cm x L 45 cm x T 60 cm
• Size of Dressing Table P 150 cm x L 50 cm x T 75 cm (Vigura; T 120 cm)
• Cabinet Size 4 P 200 cm x L 50 cm x T 210 cm

We accept orders in large quantities, provided that the time is quite long, because we produce the original hand not all use machines. So that the accuracy and beauty produced by each product we need to pay attention to correctly. For more, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp that we have provided.

For telephone service, we apologize for not being able to use English properly and correctly. We hope we can understand it better.

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